Make Your AC Unit Last Longer

4 Places On Your Heating System To Check For Dust And Debris

Dust and debris can be your furnace's worst nightmare. It can cause your furnace to overwork and can put a major strain on it, and it can also prevent it from doing a good job of heating your home thoroughly. Luckily, if you know where to look, you can get rid of dust and debris before it causes any major problems for your system or your home.

1. Your Air Filter

The first place in your heating system to check for dust and debris is your air filter. Your filter is designed to catch dirt, dust, debris and more from the air before it cycles into your system, which helps keep your heater running efficiently and cuts down on dust in your home. Check your filter, and make sure that you always follow the manufacturer's instructions for replacing it. Also, if you see excessive dust in your filter, you should go ahead and change it, even if it isn't time for a scheduled change. You might find that you need to swap out your air filter more frequently if you have pets in the home or if you smoke.

2. Behind Your Heating and Air Return

After turning off the power to your heater, remove your air return cover to take a peek. If you see dust, go ahead and clean out the area to help keep your heating system cool and operating efficiently. Excessive dust can cause your system to work too hard, which can cause problems in the future.

3. Around Your Outside Unit

Many people don't think about it, but any leaves, grass or other lawn debris that is scattered around your outdoor unit can affect its efficiency. This lawn debris can even get caught in the fan and can make your unit work a whole lot harder, which can eventually cause it to burn out. Keep the grass around your outdoor unit neatly cut, and make sure to rake away any leaves or other debris that might appear.

4. In Your Duct Work

If your duct work is dusty, it can make it hard for your heating system to pump enough hot air throughout your home. Plus, this dust can be distributed throughout your home, which can make your home look and feel dirty and can affect the quality of your indoor air. A heating and cooling professional can thoroughly check your duct work for you, but you can check your vent covers for dust to get a good idea of whether or not your duct work is dirty.

Keeping an eye out for dust and debris will help you keep your unit in good condition and your home at a more comfortable temperature. When looking for dust and debris, check these four places first. For more information, contact a company like Long Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.