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Tips On Protecting Your HVAC System When Remodeling

Taking on a home remodeling project can benefit your home enormously by increasing its resale value and making it a more pleasant place to live. However, it's important to be aware of the fact that remodel projects can make a mess and expose your heating and cooling equipment to potentially harmful dust and debris.

Avoid any remodel HVAC complications by keeping the following tips in mind:

Talk the project over with your HVAC technician

It's a good idea to get some advice from your HVAC technician regarding the remodel project you have in mind. This way, your technician can inspect ductwork and other equipment beforehand to make sure that your system is not susceptible to damage from exposure to debris and dust. 

Keep registers closed in the affected areas

You can keep dirt and debris out of your heating and cooling equipment by closing the registers in areas of your home where work is being carried out. You can close registers to keep pollutants out in affected rooms, but vents should be kept open in other areas of the home.

Create a debris boundary with tarps

In addition to closing registers, you can further isolate the work area by putting up plastic tarps. These tarps can be set up to protect not only your HVAC system, but also your walls, furniture, and appliances. 

Hanging tarps will reduce the size of any messes that result from your remodeling efforts and minimize the amount of debris that gets into your vents. 

Do work outside when possible

When possible, you should have remodel tasks done outside in the open air. There are often many steps in a remodel project that can be carried out outdoors.

For example, the cutting, drilling, or sanding of remodel project components can be done outside. These tasks tend to produce a lot of sawdust and debris that could wreak havoc on a home's ventilation and HVAC equipment. 

Change your HVAC filters

It's always important to regularly change the filters of HVAC system components to keep your equipment operating effectively and efficiently. However, changing filters is especially important when a remodel project is stirring up some extra dust in your home.

Depending on the length of your remodel project, you might want to change your filters several times while work is being carried out. Make sure your change the filter one last time when the dust has settled and all work is finished.

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