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New Tech For Cutting Down On Resource Usage For Water Heaters

There are a number of options for keeping your house warm these days that also helps to cut down on resource wasting if you're concerned about keeping your house green. Here are some examples of newer heating systems that cut down on waste.

Tankless Water Heaters

The advantage with tankless water heaters is that these heaters don't keep an extra 40 or 50 gallons in the tank at all times. Instead, water is heated and doled out exactly when it's needed. This cuts down on potentially wasting water and energy. This allows them to use 50 percent less energy than the more traditional units that still use tanks.

This is because the tankless system doesn't have to constantly keep water heated up to a certain level at all times. You can mount this heater on the wall as well, which also helps you in terms of saving more space than what you'd use with a traditional system that utilizes a tank. Water flows through the system and is heated as it goes. The system works best in smaller households when you only need to run one faucet at a time.

Direct Solar Heating

Another effective way to save energy when it comes to heating up water in your home is to use your solar panels to heat water directly. Traditionally, a photovoltaic cell is used to convert heat from the sun into electricity that you then use to do whatever you want on your home. A different system is to instead use the solar panels on your home to heat water in your tank directly.

It's often possible to actually convert the old system into the new system if you have the old system set up. The way this works is that solar panels on your roof collect solar heat collectors throughout the day, as normal. This heat is transferred directly into your water tank, making the water hot enough to use. Then, the system functions as normal the same way it would if you'd use gas or electricity from the grid to heat up the water in the tank. This way, you save energy since you're getting it all naturally without having to draw from the grid.

Overall, using these approaches will both help you cut back on spending money since you'll be saving on resources, and additionally, contribute to conservation. This will only help make for a safer Earth in the long term. 

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