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2 Furnace Problems You Can Run Into This Winter

Many homeowners depend on their furnace every winter to keep their home feeling comfortable. However, the furnace may start having problems. Your furnace issue could be either of these two things, which is why you'll need to know how to deal with them. 

Flowing Air That Is Cool

A common problem is a furnace that is blowing air out of the ductwork, but the air is cool instead of hot. You'll want to troubleshoot the problem by looking at the furnace's pilot light to verify that it is lit. A draft can potentially blow out the pilot light, or there could have been air in your gas line that blew out the pilot light unexpectedly. 

If you discovered that the problem is pilot-light related, you can relight it by using a butane lighter with a long handle. If you manage to ignite the pilot light again, everything will be fine, and the furnace will be back up and running.

Unable to ignite the pilot light? Then there may be another problem that you need to deal with. Verify that gas is running to the furnace, which can be done by contacting your local gas company to verify that your gas wasn't shut off.

With the gas service verified, you can try troubleshooting the thermocouple by wiping it down. This is a part that is known to interfere with how a pilot light functions. Once the thermocouple is clean, try to light your pilot light one more time. If it's still not working, call a local HVAC company, like Peterson Heating & Cooling, to fix the problem, since there could be a gas line that is clogged or a thermocouple that needs replacement.

Warm Air That Is Not Flowing

You could be experiencing the exact opposite problem, where the air is hot but barely flowing out of your ductwork. One simple solution is to replace the furnace filter, which could be clogged and preventing hot air from passing through to your home. This is the easiest problem to fix, since it involves doing routine maintenance.

If that doesn't do the trick, try examining the blower motor that's located inside the air handler. Is the blower not operating at full speed? It could be a problem with the blower motor itself. You'll need an HVAC company to troubleshoot the motor further, since it will most likely require replacement parts to get it running again.