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How To Improve Your Propane Furnace Efficiency

If you are sick of paying exorbitant electricity bills, you should see what you can do to increase efficiency of your propane furnace. The cost of the propane used to heat your home can often make up very high percentage of your electricity bills during the winter. This is why homeowners should have their furnace regularly serviced. In addition to professional servicing you also need to invest in some DIY maintenance if you want your system to be even more efficient. This article explains two jobs that are great for DIYers regardless of their HVAC experience.

Clean Your Heat Exchange

The heat exchanger is one of the most vital components of your HVAC system because this is where the heat is actually created. The other main component within the furnace, the blower, circulates this heat into your duct system. The heat exchanger consists of an element of twisting pipes. These pipes are enclosed in a metal casing to protect them. You don't want to remove the casing. The first thing you should do is inspect your pipes to make sure that they are don't have any holes in them. You can clean them off by wiping them down with a wet rag. This will aid in the heat transfer process, and help improve the efficiency of your propane. Dust inside your heat exchanger can also get sucked into the blower, where it is then circulated throughout your duct system.

Furnace Blower

In addition to keeping the heat exchanger clean, you also want to make sure your blower is clean. The blower usually gets dirty if the heat exchanger is not clean or the filters are not replaced in time. Many homeowners simply neglect these basic maintenance jobs, and the system slowly becomes less efficient. Often, cleaning your heat exchange and/or blower fan is not going to dramatically increase the airflow of your system. But, if you wait long enough, it is possible that enough build up can slow down the fan and block vital connections in your system. So, it is necessary to keep the blower clean in order to keep up the overall efficiency of your system.

The blower is very easy to clean out using a hose vacuum. The majority of the dust can be easily removed with the brush attachment of your vacuum. Regardless, cleaning is very simple and affordable. With a clean blower and heat exchanger, your system is going to be more fuel efficient.