Make Your AC Unit Last Longer

When AC Failure Leads To Major Repairs: 3 Options To Consider For More Efficient Cooling Upgrades

When the summer heat causes stress on your AC, it often leads to failure and costly repairs. Do you want to improve your cooling and make it more efficient when you have major repairs done? You have options like updating it with more efficient equipment, upgrading to systems like heat pumps, and completely replacing the AC with a more efficient cooling solution. Here are some of the options you will want to consider for a more efficient cooling system when your AC fails this summer:

1. Heat Pumps For A More Efficient HVAC Design To Save Energy

Today, one of the most efficient options for modern AC technology is to have a heat pump installed. This will replace the existing condensing unit that is located outside your home with a modern heat pump. The heat pump will provide your home with efficient cooling during the summer months, as well as serve as an efficient heating solution during mildly cold weather. They work really well in hotter climates where the weather is not too cold during the winter months, but in colder climates you will need an additional source of heating for your home.

2. Upgrading Equipment With More Efficient More AC Materials

When hot summer weather has caused a lot of stress on your AC, major components like the compressor, condensing lines, or electric motors need to be replaced. These can be costly repairs to have done, but they also give you an opportunity to improve your AC in a few ways. You can have equipment replaced with more efficient materials as well as reduce the noise of your system by having motors installed that are quieter.

3. Replacing Your Existing AC With A More Efficient Cooling Solution

Another option you will want to consider for your AC is completely replacing the existing unit. You may want to consider options like ductless AC with mini-split units for a more efficient system. You can also do a complete upgrade to your HVAC system with the installation of a geothermal system that will help reduce energy consumption of both your heating and cooling.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider for a more efficient cooling solution when your AC fails. If your AC has failed during the summer heat, contact a central air repair service and talk with them about some of these options to make your cooling more efficient.