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Is Your Thermostat Set High But The Temperature Inside Is Cold? What To Do Now

When cold temperatures hit the temperatures fall and a chill is in the air, and the heating bill for your home starts to rise. If you are constantly pushing the button on the thermostat to increase the temperature in your home and the house doesn't feel any warmer, it's time to call a heating repair expert.

You don't want to be paying for increased utility bills because the furnace is using gas and more electricity, if you aren't enjoying the warm in your living space. Here are a few problems that could be causing the errors and chilly discomfort in your home.

Gas Leak Problems

A small gas leak that is preventing the furnace from getting what it needs to heat the house to what you want isn't just inconvenient, it's highly dangerous. You can test the area with some liquids and solutions that go around the pipes, but there are other ways that the HVAC experts will want to test the furnace to make sure a leak isn't a problem. If there is some type of leak, there may need to be pipes replaced, along with fittings and other components.

Sensor Flaws

The sensors on the thermostat that detect what the temperature is in the house, and inside the furnace, have to work properly for the temperature to be regulated with efficiency. If this isn't happening, than it is likely that there is a miscommunication between the thermostat and the furnace and the room temperature is inaccurate from the setting. Replacing the sensors can be a quick fix for this problem.

Blower Motor Errors

If the blower motor doesn't blow the air through the house as quickly as possible, or as needed, the heat may not be getting pushed into all of the vents and living spaces. This can cause irregularities in the temperature from room to room, and it can also cause problems with not getting the house warm. This is a large mechanical component, so make sure you want to keep the furnace for years into the future before you pay to replace this item.

If there are serious complications with the furnace you may want to consider replacing it and upgrading to a new model that will be more efficient. There are a lot of different problems that the heating and cooling professional will look for, and a cleaning and tune-up can be beneficial when you get the diagnostic check completed.