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Common Problems That Homeowners Face With Copper Plumbing Pipes

If you're a homeowner who has copper plumbing pipes, it's key to know about the different types of issues that you might face in the future with your plumbing. Here are some of the problems that you might deal with if you have copper plumbing pipes.


Even though corrosion is less of a problem with copper than with many types of metal, it does still happen. Once copper pipes start corroding, they will need to be replaced. You may want to replace them with pipes that will not corrode, such as PEX pipes.

Scale Buildup

Next, scale buildup can be a common problem with copper plumbing pipes. This can cause plumbing clogs over time. If the issue is addressed in a timely manner, then the scale buildup can be cleaned so that your pipes will no longer be clogged.

Metallic Taste

Over time, you can begin to pick up the taste of copper in the water that comes from your pipes. If you notice a metallic taste in your water, it's important to contact a plumber to find out if your old copper pipes need to be replaced.

Staining of Plumbing Fixtures

In addition to causing your water to have a metallic taste, older copper pipes can also cause your water to stain your plumbing fixtures. This is a sign that your copper pipes will need to be replaced, and you may need to replace stained plumbing fixtures as well if you can't get them clean.

Breaking From Freezing Temperatures

If the temperatures in your area dip below freezing, then the water in your copper pipes can freeze. If this happens, then your copper pipes can break. If your copper pipes break, you will need to replace them. Then, make sure that your pipes are properly insulated so that you can help prevent this from happening again.

Expensive Replacements

Because copper pipes are more expensive than PEX pipes and other affordable plumbing pipes, you will probably have to pay more money to replace them. If you do choose to replace all of the pipes in your home at some point, such as after your pipes become older, you may want to switch to more affordable PEX pipes.

Copper plumbing pipes do have some benefits, which is why they were very popular for many years and are still sometimes used today. However, there are problems that homeowners have to worry about if they have copper plumbing pipes. If you face any of these problems, contact a plumbing repair service so that you can get help with repairing your plumbing.