Make Your AC Unit Last Longer

Four Reasons To Install A New Air Conditioner

Are you on the fence about replacing your home's central AC unit? If so, the following are four things to consider that may make your choice to install a new air conditioner much easier.

1. You Need Expensive Repairs

Most AC units will require annual maintenance and periodic repairs, but if your unit is on the fritz more often than it is working properly, then the time has come to consider a replacement. This is especially true if you have an older unit that requires an expensive repair, such as the replacement of the compressor or blower assembly. Generally, if the cost of repairs is approaching the the 50% mark for the cost of a new unit, and your unit is more than two-thirds through it's expected service life, then replacement may make better financial sense.

2. The AC Is Too Small for Your Home

Have you recently remodeled or built an addition onto you home? If so, your AC unit may no longer be sized appropriately to your home's square footage. An addition will obviously add square footage, but other remodels can also increase the area to be cooled. For example, finishing a basement or attic, adding a bumpout for bay windows or large dormers, or even removing some walls or raising a ceiling can all result in the need for a larger AC.

3. The Coolant Type Is Outdated

All AC units contain coolant in a closed system, but older units may use a coolant called R22 Freon. R22 has been phased out for use due to environmental concerns, so it won't be found in newer units. It makes sense to upgrade older units that contain R22, both to avoid the health and environmental repercussions of a leak and also because you won't be able to have the coolant replaced in the event of said leak.

4. Your AC Is No Longer Efficient

AC efficiency has evolved over the years, so an older unit may be costing your more to run than it should. Check the SEER and Energy Star efficiency ratings of your old unit, and compare these to the ratings on newer units. By comparing the ratings along with your current energy costs for running the AC, you can make an informed decision on whether it would be more cost effective to upgrade to a newer unit.

Contact an AC installation service to schedule your new install as soon as possible.