Make Your AC Unit Last Longer

How To Clean & Maintain Your AC Condenser

The AC condenser is a major part of any central HVAC system. But, what exactly is it? Many homeowners don't even know what the condenser is, but they see it all the time. The condenser unit is the large unit that sits on the outside of the house. In fact, many people just call their condenser the AC unit. While the condenser is technically the most significant appliance in an AC system, it is just one part of it. Maintaining and cleaning your condenser is one of the most affordable ways to ensure that your AC remains as efficient as possible. This article looks at the essential steps for condenser unit maintenance.

Keeping It Covered

Your condenser unit will work best if it is covered as much as possible. While it doesn't really make sense to cover it between daily usage, it is essential to cover it during the winter months. This is vital in protecting it from moisture damage, dirt, and debris. The cleaner you can keep your unit in the offseason, the more effective it will be when you fire it up for the first time in summer.

Cleaning Your Unit

Even if you keep your unit covered during the winter months, you still want to clean it once or twice a year. For example, you could clean it once at the beginning of summer (after you uncover it for the summer) and once at the end (before you cover it for the season).

Cleaning the condenser is something that can be done with just a few basic tools. The coils are the most important part to clean. They line the outside walls of the box. Since they are on the outside, they also absorb the most dirt and run the risk of being damaged. The coils are protected by the cabinet cage, but they can get knocked and bent. The space in between the coils ridges can also get clogged with dirt. This slows down the heat transfer process, so you want to get this dirt out. Often, just spraying it with a hose will remove most of the dirt, but it might need to be scrubbed out. You can use a scrub brush, but don't apply too much pressure because it can bend the coils even more. You can also use a little bit of mild soap to help break down the dirt before scrubbing. Then, just spray it all out with clean water, let it dry, and your AC is ready to go.

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