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4 Signs You May Need Emergency Heating Repair To Keep Your Furnace Operating Safely

It's always unpleasant to deal with a furnace breakdown, but in some cases, you may need emergency repairs. Quick help might be needed if you're elderly and your home is getting cold. You might also need quick service to prevent damage to your furnace and to keep your home safe. Here are some situations where you might need emergency heating repair.

1. When There's An Electrical Short Or Malfunction

An electrical problem with your furnace could be serious. You should suspect an electrical malfunction if your furnace keeps tripping the circuit breaker or when your furnace smells like it's burning. If either of these things happen, keep your furnace turned off until a furnace repair professional can check your furnace.

2. When You See Puffs Of Soot

Puff backs can happen in oil and gas furnaces. This occurs when gas builds up before it ignites and then the gas ignites with a boom that causes soot to puff out of the furnace. This is a serious problem that requires quick attention. If your furnace only makes a mild boom and small puff, you still want a furnace repair professional to fix the problem quickly. The condition could get to the point where the boom is very loud and so much soot puffs out that it damages your home.

3. You Detect The Odor Of Gas

Natural gas has an odor similar to rotten eggs. If you ever smell this odor around your furnace, you should get emergency help. If the odor is strong, you may need to leave your house and call the fire department. If the odor is barely detectable and seems to come and go, turn off the furnace and gas supply and call an emergency heating repair company. There could be a problem with the heat exchange or flue that needs immediate attention to keep your furnace and home safe.

4. Your Furnace Makes Loud Noises

If you hear any unusual noises or smell new odors coming from your furnace, call a furnace repair company and describe your problem. Not all furnace malfunctions are an emergency, especially if the outdoor temperature isn't extremely cold, but other sounds and odors could signal a serious problem. The furnace repair company can tell if you need emergency heating repairs. If you're not certain if your furnace problem is an emergency, it's usually better to be safe and call for help than be sorry later because of damage to the equipment that could have been avoided.

Contact an emergency heating repair service today for more information.